Thai herbal compress

In Thailand the round bundles containing herbal mixtures were once the secret tools of ancient healers, and up until recently, could be obtained only from traditional healers or from the Thai massage treatment. Nowadays, though, you can make your own with various combinations of herbs - for deep heat soothing of muscle and aches and pain.

The origins of the Thai Herbal Ball are obscure, but it's known that such the Thai Herbal Ball were used to soothe the aching muscles of warweary soldiers during the Thai-Burmese battles of Ayutthaya period over 200 years ago. Such the Thai Herbal Ball were also popular in neighbouring though the formulae differ from region to region, depend on the local plants and herbs.

With the recent back-to-nature trend among stressed and health-conscious urbanites, these Thai Herbal Ball are now packaged and sold commercially in Bangkok's many health store, so you can give yourself a quick-fix heat treatment at home. Some Thai woman use these Thai Herbal Ball on their abdomens after giving birth, to help ease the tired, bloated feeling that comes after childbirth. Call prakop in Thai, the Thai Herbal Ball has been incorporated into modern spa treatments.

Take a handfull of each ingredient, and place them in a piece of cotton cloth and tie into a firm bundle. Heat the parcel over a steamer or hot pot before applying the Thai Herbal Ball on to the body. Traditionally, the application was done in conjunction with massage - the sore muscles were worked first, then the Thai Herbal Ball was applied to the problem spots. The heat relaxes the aching muscles and helps to open the pores, allowing for better absorption of the herbal ingredients. Allow the heat to penetrate into your muscles, and feel stress and tension ease away beneath the healing kneading of a firm (but never painful) masseur.

Benefits include the soothing of sore and aching muscles, an easing of respiration with the ingredients comphor and the reduction of tension through the heat and aromatic properties of the herbs.

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