Thai Herbal Ball 200g for Body : The Thai Herbal Ball contains of different types of herb. It is used to compress on the body in order to relieve muscle pain, backache, and muscle spasticity. It also reduces pain and inflammation, expands tissue membrane, as well as improving a better blood circulation and relieves beriberi.

Thai Herbal Ball 50g for Face : The Thai Herbal Ball contains of different types of herb which is useful for skin nourishing. It can be used with sensitive skin. Regular use will help making facial muscles become relax and promote better blood circulation. It keeps skin being healthy and soft, as well as helps peeling off dead skin cells gently.

Thai Herbal Ball 100g for Foot : The Thai Herbal Ball helps improving better blood circulation, relieves muscle pain, swelling and inflammation. It nourishes the skin and kills Bacteria, as well as removing dead skin cells.

Black Sesame Compress Ball 100g : Black Sesame Compress Ball is rich with vitamin E. It helps moisturizing and nourishing face, neck and shoulders, as well as promoting smooth skin without irritation. For those who have dry and rough skin, this product could help their skin being moistened and look healthy.

Thai Herbal Body Bath Bag 100g : It improves blood circulation, excretes wastes through the skin, lose weight, melt fat, rehabilitation of women after childbirth. It also helps conditioning and nourishing the skin. In addition, it promote better blood distribution within the body making respiratory becomes fresh, being healthy with good immunity.

Thai Herbal Foot Bath Bag 50g : It helps improving blood circulation, foot muscle relief and reduces cracked heels.


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